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Connecting with the Healthcare Consumer: Part 2

Consumer Engagement

Taught byPhil McWaters
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Connecting with the Healthcare Consumer: Part 2

In Connecting with the Health Care Consumer Part 1, you explored those factors that are most important to patients in their interactions with health care professionals. The number one factor that all consumers want during interaction with their health care professionals regardless of age and gender was having a sense that their primary health care professional knows them, understands their health conditions, and truly cares about them.

In this course aimed at health care professionals, they will share principles of effective communication that they use to help attract and retain consumers. Along with Dr. Tuckson, they’ll explore how these same principles can be leveraged to improve doctor-patient interactions.

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Connecting with the Healthcare Consumer Part 2: Effective Consumer Engagement
Lesson 1 Connecting with Patients
Lesson 2 Making an Emotional Connection
Lesson 3 Easy Beats Good

Phil McWaters

Brand Director, Procter & Gamble Personal Health Care

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Phil  McWaters

Phil is an 18 year veteran of P&G, with experience in both sales and marketing. His entire P&G career has been dedicated to healthcare brands across pharmaceuticals, traditional consumer products and marketing with large retail customers. Over the last six years, Phil led many of the company’s healthcare brands, including Prilosec OTC, Pepto-Bismol, Metamucil and Align. During that time, he created several advertising campaigns, including over 20 commercials that appeared on television and digital platforms. Phil currently is the Brand Director for North America Personal Health Care product innovation at P&G.

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